What's Happening in June at SASF

Thank you for your support: Big Day of Giving 2022

We are very proud to report that we were able to surpass last year's Big Day of Giving fundraising efforts, thanks to the generosity of so many supporters of SASF. We especially want to thank all who made a donation for Big Day of Giving and all who spread the word. We are incredibly grateful for all your love and support!

In 2019, SASF's Board of Directors began the strategic move to enhance our existing programs: Strive for Strength, Teens Create Dreams, Career/Education Fair, youth basketball and pickleball for seniors. In addition, we are expanding into new un-met areas: Sports for Life for special needs youth; Fishing for Smiles for children with special needs and medically challenging illnesses; a Boys Program patterned after Strive for Strength; and a Suicide Prevention Program that teaches pre-teens and teens to recognize the signs of anxiety, depression and suicidal behavior and to develop coping skills for themselves and their peers. With the challenges of the pandemic, we are adjusting these programs to be compliant with the evolving COVID-19 directives.

As we navigate through the impact of COVID-19, we will be initiating new and creative ways to fundraise for SASF. Continue to check our website, and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Donations made for Big Day of Giving enable us to do great things for our community. Best of all, many of our kids have become engineers, doctors, scientists, teachers, healthcare workers, administrators and entrepreneurs. Many return to SASF as mentors, program advisors, volunteers and donors.

We maintain our commitment to our youth, the future leaders of our community. We look thank you for your continued support!

Steven Hamamoto
SASF Board President

The 2022 SASF Golf Tournament was a success! Thank you players, sponsors and partners!

The 2022 SASF Golf Tournament has officially made a comeback and was a success! We want to thank all the players for your participation and generosity to SASF by playing in our 2022 SASF Golf Tournament. We hope you had a fantastic and memorable day. Fundraisers like our golf tournament help us continue to bring sports and mental health programs and community events to our Sacramento and Elk Grove communities.

We would also like to acknowledge the generosity and support of Valley Hi Country Club, volunteers and our sponsors: Mikuni, Bradley Yee Dentistry, the Law Office of Alyssa Eriko Chow, Meals on Wheels by ACC and ACC Senior Services. Thank you to our gift bag partners. We are proud to support local AAPI-owned businesses in our gift bags for all players, including: Rusty's Kama'aina Coconut Candy, Niyama Design Studio, Manong Darel's Kitchen, Traveling Calligrapher, and In Creations.

And congrats to the following contest winners!

  • Low Net: Team Fore Right - Sean Wong, Brittany Riggs, Riley Wong, Tai Mamea
  • High Net: Team Ohana Golfers - Rick Goishi, Lorene Kimura, Keith Kimura, Joe Furuike
  • Putting Contest: Martha Kushida
  • President's Challenge: Lisa Gonzales
  • Closest to the Pin: Hole #5 -- Men: Alan Nishima; Women: Lisa Gonzales
  • Closest to the Pin: Hole #14 -- Men: Ed Cabelea; Women: Audrey Yokoi
  • Long Drive: Hole #8 -- Men: Riley Wong; Women: Brittany Riggs
  • Most Accurate Drive: Hole #18 -- Men: Wes Yee; Women: Aileen Nishio

Again thank you to all and hope you will join us next year!

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Congrats to the 2022 Graduating Seniors in SASF's SPARK Program!

Kayla Ha, Cosumnes Oaks High School
I was first introduced to SASF and SPARK through a friend, and I will forever be grateful to them for this opportunity as participating in the SPARK program made such a positive impact on my life. Through the program's mental health training sessions, I learned about the impacts and prevalence of mental health in our lives at a more in-depth level as well as got to meet mental health experts that provided more insight on the subject. Moreover, I was able to participate in the planning and execution of the fall 2021 SPARK event where we discussed mental health with students, parents, and teachers. The event allowed us to spread awareness about mental health in our community as well as advocate the importance of taking care of one's mental health. I learned so much in this program and now apply what I learned to my daily life and interaction with others, such as having more open conversations about mental health and remembering to de-stress after a hectic week. Participating in SPARK also led me to meet amazing people such as my fellow teen advocates and Mr. Eric Wong, SASF Director, who helped put this all together! Thank you to all of them for making this an even better experience and for all their continuous support! This coming fall, I will be attending the University of California, San Diego as a pharmacological chemistry major in their Revelle College where I plan to get my bachelor's degree and later attend their Skaggs School of Pharmacy.

Lauren Kimura, Consumnes Oaks High School
I was granted the opportunity to be a part of the SPARK program in 2021 and was able to receive Mental Wellness Champions training and to help plan and operate the fall SPARK event centered around spreading awareness about mental health in teens alongside fellow, like-minded teen advocates, and with the guidance of Eric Wong, SASF Director. Through this program, I was able to learn about a variety of topics including but not limited to, inequities in the medical fields, obstacles to getting help stemming from cultural and philosophical differences, how to handle stress, developing healthy relationships, and the importance of resilience. I was able to learn to apply balance to my own life as well as methods of helping others and their mental health. Besides offering education, the program has given me concrete ways to aid the advocacy of mental health and to help others to learn the knowledge that I had the privilege to gain through this experience. In the fall, I will be attending UCLA. My experience with SPARK has fanned the flames of my interest in mental health and neuroscience, which has led me to the decision to enter college as a psychology major and later pursue a career focused on helping others.

Akemi Takeda, John F. Kennedy High School
Being a part of SPARK and its amazing team has truly changed my scope on mental health/illnesses. I feel more connected to my community and have a better understanding of what mental health actually is. Mental illnesses are often undermined in our society and tend to look the other way, not validating this as an issue. Especially with teen suicide continuing to increase, it is now more than ever important to start addressing this problem. Having the amazing opportunity to help organize both virtual and in person events to share resources and spread awareness has allowed me to not only serve my community in a positive way, but also learn more about myself. On top of that, it has been a pleasure being able to work with such an amazing team. I had the amazing opportunity to work with other students around my age and learn their stories too. Without the team's hard work and dedication, I would have not been as educated on teen mental health and its significance. I would like to thank SASF Director, Eric Wong for running SPARK and allowing people like myself to learn, connect with my peers, and spread awareness on such a sensitive topic. We would not have been able to do this without you!

Taryn Yee, McClatchy High School
I'll be attending Cal Poly SLO in the fall of 2022. I joined SPARK during the summer of my junior year in high school. As a new program, I was fortunate enough to see it's development and impact on the community both online and in person. The experience and relationships that have developed because of SPARK are invaluable, and I highly encourage anyone interested to join! I was so lucky to have the opportunity to be a part of SASF's SPARK program. The effort and dedication were apparent in both my peers and supervisors, and I'm so grateful to have been surrounded by such an amazing group of people. The welcoming environment allowed me to have an open discussion about teen mental health, and our team has worked to create a safe environment for peers and their families. Being an advocate for this program gave me the opportunity to participate in events that discuss teen mental health with people who have varying perspectives, and the interactions that have stemmed from my time in this program have had a lasting impact. Thanks so much for allowing me to be a part of the program. It's been an amazing experience.

Alyssa Yuke, McClatchy High School
I will be attending Sacramento City College with a major in biology in hopes of transferring to UC Berkeley in 2 years. The SPARK experience was enlightening yet brought on challenges that I had never faced before. I learned much about myself; recognizing my mental wellness challenges, what causes them, and how I can cope with them in a healthy manner. This experience allowed me to meet teens who have had similar experiences, given me access various helpful resources, and helped our community take one step further in breaking the stigma surrounding mental health. It has not been easy, but I can surely say it has been worth it. I joined the group of teens and facilitators with hopes of learning how to help myself and others when it comes to mental wellness challenges; and that is exactly what I accomplished. In a world of social media and peaking mental illness rates, organizations like this one is vital. Young people deserve to know that they are not alone, they are loved, and supported. This is why I am proud to have had the SPARK experience.

SASF's Sports for Life new summer schedule

Sports for Life is continuing this summer at a new day and time! Beginning in June, Sports for Life sessions are held every Thursday from 3:30pm-5pm. During the month of June, sports sessions will include volleyball, basketball, kampfit, and yoga. The program continues to welcome new members and strives to provide the Sports for Life community with a safe and fun environment to fully participate in team sports. Please contact Cami Okamoto at sasf.sports4life@gmail.com with any questions or inquiries.


We are extremely grateful to the many individuals, families and businesses who continue to support and donate to the SASF throughout the year. Without your unwavering support, SASF would have had a difficult time surviving the challenges of the past year. Thank you for the following donations received this past month:

  • K S Mori via United Way
  • Margaret Ching via United Way
  • David Hironaka via United Way
  • Jeanie Voong via United Way
  • Dan Yamanaka via United Way
  • K S Ng via United Way
  • Deann & Evan Kanenaga
  • Edward Imai in memory of Shigeto Yoshimine
  • Edward Imai in memory of Steve Matsuura
  • Larry Hiuga in memory of Steve Matsuura
  • Ken & Lissa Ross in honor of Monica and Brandon Salais
  • Sharyn & James Matsumoto in memory of Henry Lee
  • Jerry Chong in memory of Grace Morimoto
  • Dale & Helen Quan in memory of Betty Suzuki
  • Willard & Grace Woo in memory of Jung Chan
  • Joyce Kimura in memory of Mike Kimura
  • Frances & Mark Koop in honor of Karen Cotton
  • Betty Louie in memory of Linda Kobayashi
  • Sylvia & Ronald Ouchida in memory of Jean Matsuura & Grace Ito
  • Patty Mar Simmons in memory of Bill & Ada Mar
  • Oto's Japan Food in memory of Mollie Oto
  • Tsuto & Jean Ota in memory of Chiko Nishii

SASF relies on the generous donations from community members to fund the day-to-day operations of the facility, and the support the sports and youth programs.

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