Facility Virtual Tour

The SASF multi-purpose facility main floor is 98 feet (width) by 130 feet (length) with a maximum table seating capacity 820. The maxiumum room occupancy for uses other than athletics without seating is 1,750. The facility has many features capable of hosting various events.

If you are interested in renting SASF's facility, please fill out and submit a SASF Facility Use Inquiry Form. This form is required for all types of facility use, including sports rentals, SASF internal programs, special events, and more. Once submitted, SASF will review and get back to you within three (3) business days. If approved, a SASF Rental Application (PDF) will need to be completed and submitted for review.

Basketball Courts

One of the two basketball courts.

Two basketball courts (junior high sized) are available in the facility.

Basketball court with a partition separating the other court.

The basketball courts can be separated with a partition.

Full-size basketball court with side baskets.

The single main basketball court (high school size) configuration allows for larger audience attendance.

Rent Dr. Dish, an automated ball passer for continuous shooting practice. Not included with normal facility rental.

Volleyball Courts

Three volleyball courts across the facility.

Three full-sized volleyball courts span across the main floor.

Close-up of volleyball nets.

High-quality volleyball nets, poles, and padding.

Pickleball Courts

Three pickleball courts on one side.

Three pickleball courts are available on each side of the facility.

Pickleball courts with a partition separating the other courts.

The pickleball courts can be separated with a partition.

Community Events

Floor layout with circular tables.

SASF has 60 round tables (5 foot in diameter) that can accommodate 480 guests.

Floor layout with rectangular tables.

SASF has 120 rectagular tables (8 foot length) and approximately 900 folding chairs.

Commercial Grade Kitchen

Kitchen with multiple stoves.

Four burner commercial-grade gas wok range is available.

Kitchen from a wide view.

A large area is available for food preparation.