September 2023 Newsletter

Successful Basic Hoops Summer 2023 Basketball Clinic

Last month, SASF's Basic Hoops returned for its 23rd year. The camp continues to grow as we had an amazing turnout with over 70 campers and 30 coaches! Over the course of a week, campers are taught the fundamentals of basketball including: shooting, passing, dribbling, and defense. The goal of the camp is to introduce the game of basketball in a fun and supportive environment. Signups for next year's camp will open in the Spring so please be on the lookout. Hope to see you all there!

Upcoming SPARK Event - Look at me now: Stories of Hope

Come and join us Saturday, October 7, 2023, 2-5pm at Thrive Church, 3109 Dwight Road, Elk Grove. SASF and its Teen Mental Health & Resiliency Program - SPARK (Suicide Prevention Awareness Reflection Knowledge) is excited to host Zcares and their film fresh off the Toronto Film Festival. This event continues our commitment to teens and parents through a series of films, plays, workshops and live presentations that SASF began in 2020. Many of you enjoyed our Parent-Child Communication Workshop led by Dr. Rona Hu and her Stanford University Medical School colleagues last October. Dr. Hu joins us as a commentator and expert advisor.

Feature Length Independent Documentary (

The inspiration behind Look at me now: Stories of Hope (watch the trailer) came from a quiet walk around a local park during the pandemic quarantine. We reflected how media seemed to paint a hopeless narrative of our future. As we talked about the hopelessness, we asked ourselves, how can we show the story doesn't need to go this way? We found ourselves reflecting on inspiring people we met on our Z-Cares journey and how they filled us with hope. What if we shared these hopeful stories with the world? From that walk, we were inspired to create Look at me now: Stories of Hope.

Z-Cares is humbled to feature four inspiring young individuals who share their raw journeys towards hope. In our film, we follow their struggles with mental health, see them change their journey from a sense of despair to find their pathway to hope. This film is their story. Each unique story shows hope is possible. While each story is unique, they all shared a powerful commonality. Talking about their struggles put them on their path to hope. We hope you will be inspired by these strong individuals and realize you can do it too!

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Update from TCD Class of 2023 Graduate, Isabella Paragas

I was first introduced to SASF's programs at 8, being one of the first Teens Create Dreams talent show winners in 2014. Now, after almost a decade of involvement, I’ve been very lucky to have SASF become a second home for me, allowing me to grow both artistically and professionally. This community and foundation have changed me for the better, and I would not have been able to attend Marymount Manhattan College in New York this fall had it not been for the love and motivation SASF has given me these past 9 years.

TCD has awarded me over $1,500 in prize money for both my wins in 2014 and 2018, and that generosity alone motivated me to want to give back and give more people the opportunities that I had through TCD; I became a four-year junior board member and board co-president last school year. My year of presidency and the year before were especially tough due to there being a lull in participation from COVID-19, but the recent success of this year's board and show has given me confidence that the future teens and talent in the area will continue to show up and show out for both themselves and for the charities that Teens Create Dreams donates to.

I also was a founding member of SPARK (Suicide Prevention Awareness Reflection Knowledge), SASF's Teen Mental Health & Resiliency Program. In 2021, I received training to become a Mental Wellness Champion. That led to planning events to raise mental health awareness and create easier pathways to care for the community. Being a SPARK member has always been really special for me, as I've had to battle with mental health issues myself, and it gave me an actual outlet to learn to be a better educated friend that had true methods of helping those around me through their mental health issues. SPARK pushed me out of my comfort zone and gave me training and advice on how to be a better part of conversations for mental health, both on a one-on- one scale up to being a panel speaker talking about my own struggles and how I've learned and grown to cope with them.

I have been involved with Strive for Strength and the sports camps and the events that come through SASF as well, forming strong bonds with figures of the community and finding friendships I still cherish to this day. Through specifically my work with TCD and SPARK, I have seen firsthand how SASF and its programs actively work to make the Sacramento area a better place. Fundraising thousands of dollars for charities, creating outlets of creative expression, forming safe spaces for women to thrive, and overall building opportunities for both the youth and adults of our community to grow and become stronger are just the tip of the iceberg of what SASF has created for our community. I have never felt prouder and more excited to see what will be done next by our peers and successors.

Save the Date for SASF's Golf Tournament Fundraiser

More details to come! For now, please save the date!

Monday, May 20, 2024
SASF Golf Tournament Fundraiser
Valley Hi Country Club

The Creative Space Fall Food & Craft Fair

Fall is here and The Creative Space is hosting a Fall Food and Craft Fair on Saturday, September 23rd, right here at SASF! Over 100 vendors are visiting from all over Northern California for this one day event. Get ready for all of the pumpkin flavored treats, Asian/Hawaiian/Disney/Anime crafts made by local makers, great food trucks from different cultures, and so much more! Be sure to stop by and bring the whole family to enjoy the Fall Food and Craft Fair hosted by The Creative Space!

Also, be on the lookout for announcements on all of the upcoming events The Creative Space will be hosting at SASF in October, November and December!


We are extremely grateful to the many individuals, families and businesses who continue to support and donate to the SASF throughout the year. Thank you for the following donations received this past month:

  • Jeff & Teresa Harada for Teens Create Dreams
  • Dean & Myra Okasaki for Teens Create Dreams
  • Sacramento Region Community Foundation for Big Day of Giving
  • Felix Wada for Teens Create Dreams
  • KCMKC, LLC for Teens Create Dreams
  • Walsh Automotive Service for Teens Create Dreams
  • Randy Tahara for Teens Create Dreams
  • K S Mori via United Way
  • Dan Yamanaka via United Way
  • David Hironaka via United Way
  • Jeanie Voong via United Way
  • Yee Law Group for Pickleball Event
  • K S Ng via United Way
  • Judi Sasano in memory of Beverly Yung
  • Lisa Muramoto in memory of Beverly Yung
  • Jeff & Teresa Harada in memory of Beverly Yung
  • Jayne Rasmussen in memory of Beverly Yung
  • Jack Din in memory of Beverly Yung
  • Jung Family in memory of Beverly Yung
  • Elaine Yoshikawa in memory of Beverly Yung
  • Cynthia Won in memory of Beverly Yung
  • Stan & Ardeana Ota in memory of Beverly Yung
  • Jeanette Fong in memory of Beverly Yung
  • Jeanette Chan in memory of Beverly Yung
  • David J. Loh on behalf of Eric Wong
  • Bradley & Sandie Chin in memory of Beverly Yung
  • Rodney & Julie Kunisaki in memory of Beverly Yung
  • Andrea Din Inouye in memory of Beverly Yung
  • Mamie's Administrative Service in memory of Beverly Yung
  • Henry & Diedre Din in memory of Beverly Yung
  • Adele Din in memory of Beverly Yung
  • Kathleen Corrie in memory of Beverly Yung
  • Dennis & Theresa Kubo in memory of Barry Lee
  • Dennis Satoshi & Christine Kojima in memory of Beverly Yung
  • Steven & Eileen Park in memory of Beverly Yung
  • Hachiro Yasumura in memory of Beverly Yung
  • Mark Wong in memory of Beverly Yung
  • Norman & Pansy Wong in memory of Beverly Yung
  • Gregory & Mary Jew Lee in memory of Beverly Yung
  • Kelly Yamaichi in memory of Mrs. Norma On
  • Glenn & Carol Jang in memory of Beverly Yung
  • Mamie's Administrative Service in memory of Dave Moy
  • Toy Kamikawa in memory of Beverly Yung

SASF relies on the generous donations from community members to fund the day-to-day operations of the facility, and the support for sports and youth programs.

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