SPARK Youth Conference

Come and join us Saturday, October 7, 2023, 2-5pm at Thrive Church, 3109 Dwight Road, Elk Grove. SASF and its Teen Mental Health & Resiliency Program - SPARK (Suicide Prevention Awareness Reflection Knowledge) is excited to host Zcares and their film fresh off the Toronto Film Festival. This event continues our commitment to teens and parents through a series of films, plays, workshops and live presentations that SASF began in 2020. Many of you enjoyed our Parent-Child Communication Workshop led by Dr. Rona Hu and her Stanford University Medical School colleagues last October. Dr. Hu joins us as a commentator and expert advisor.

Feature Length Independent Documentary (

The inspiration behind Look at me now: Stories of Hope (watch the trailer) came from a quiet walk around a local park during the pandemic quarantine. We reflected how media seemed to paint a hopeless narrative of our future. As we talked about the hopelessness, we asked ourselves, how can we show the story doesn't need to go this way? We found ourselves reflecting on inspiring people we met on our Z-Cares journey and how they filled us with hope. What if we shared these hopeful stories with the world? From that walk, we were inspired to create Look at me now: Stories of Hope.

Z-Cares is humbled to feature four inspiring young individuals who share their raw journeys towards hope. In our film, we follow their struggles with mental health, see them change their journey from a sense of despair to find their pathway to hope. This film is their story. Each unique story shows hope is possible. While each story is unique, they all shared a powerful commonality. Talking about their struggles put them on their path to hope. We hope you will be inspired by these strong individuals and realize you can do it too!

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