Big Day of Giving Testimonial - Jimmie Yee

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"Ever wonder who our courts are named after?" Meet one, Jimmie Yee, one of SASF’s staunchest supporters from its inception. Jimmie brokered the deal that brought Angelo Tsakopoulos and his land offer to the fledgling idea of a facility. With the land donated, key families were approached for major funding and SASF’s gym took flight. Jimmie Yee has been a huge inspiration and one of the main supporters of SASF since the very beginning.

Yee has made SASF his top community organization. "SASF is a glowing picture of what a youth organization can do for a community," said Yee. "It has demonstrated to the community that everything SASF provides to our youth has helped all of them in looking towards their future and prepares them for their adult life."

Yee first heard of SASF when his grandson from San Francisco would come to compete in SASF’s basketball tournaments. Over the years, Jimmie has watched SASF expand its youth program, being much more than an organization that hosts youth basketball programs.

"That is one of the great things that they do," said Yee. "SASF provides access and information to the kids about what there is in life and many different aspects about growing up."

My favorite memories of SASF are that I was able to assist SASF in accomplishing some of their goals and I appreciate what they have done," said Yee. "They have proven that they are there to help the younger generation."