PG&E Matching Fund Donation

Help Chris Meet his SASF Donation Goal​

As a youth, Chris Wong has very fond memories of participating in the popular SASF summer league as a player, coach and referee. Chris continued his basketball career playing for the Sacramento Rebels Class of 2011. Playing in the summer league was a great way for him to connect with friends from various communities in Sacramento and build life long friendships. Upon graduating from UC Davis with a Bachelor’s Degree in Managerial Economics Magna Cum Laude, Chris worked for Deloitte-Touche, PlanGrid, and Cadreon before his current position at PG&E as a Principal in Business Finance.

Chris gained so much from his time at SASF, he has now found a way to give back to the community that helped raise him. Chris in collaboration with PG&E has launched a one-year campaign to support SASF during these challenging fiscal times. PG&E will match donations at 100% for a PG&E employee and at 50% for the general public, up to $5000.

You can make your donation by going to